What Not to Do While Dissertation Writing? Avoid Basic Mistakes!

When a student pursues a doctoral degree, he gets the most important and difficult task of writing a dissertation. Dissertation writing is full of challenges and requires focus, dedication, and critical thinking. It is very important to write a good dissertation because it can help in getting a degree and also help in building a career in your relevant field. Before writing a dissertation, you feel quite devastated, especially when you are searching for a topic. But when the time comes, you start doing mistakes in writing a dissertation. Remember that you are not allowed to make any mistakes in your dissertation writing.

This article will help you to understand how to avoid basic mistakes in dissertation writing.

Select a topic

While dissertation writing, your first step is to select a topic in your area of interest. Make sure that whatever the topic you choose must be in your area of interest, and as well as it must not be too broad or too narrow. It would be best to select a topic in your area of interest; if you select a topic out of your area of interest, you can not feel amazing and can not find fun in searching for information for your topic. Writing a dissertation requires a good source of information with deep study. If you select a topic that is too broad in its applications or background theory, then it is not possible to collect all the information about this and study it in depth. Also selecting a topic that is too narrow creates a problem in finding enough information that satisfies a literature review.

Late start

Dissertation writing requires a lot of time to complete, and if you start writing a dissertation too late, it is impossible to complete it and submit it to your university on time. You need even more than 6 months to complete it on time, so start writing a dissertation as early as possible in order to get your degree. Start writing a dissertation early, giving you more time to research your topic in greater depth and time for correcting mistakes from your dissertation after writing.

Research during writing a dissertation

Most students make one common mistake in writing a dissertation: searching for information about their topic during the dissertating writing, so make sure you do not waste your time and complete your research before starting writing. It is because if you can not search before writing, you may take plenty of time in order to draft or complete your literature review. Make sure you have a good source of information before you start writing, which helps you to write your dissertation with more understanding.

Research with interest

Dissertation writing requires a better understanding of your topic and deep analysis. It would be best if you spent time researching information about your dissertation topic. Excellent research requires your time and focus, so reading a lot of everything during research enables you to better understand your dissertation topic. Hence, you must go through every piece of information when searching for a topic and understand it more deeply.

Create a link

When writing your dissertation, you should remember that you have to create a link between chapters. Discuss only your topic in your discussion; no need to write anything from outside of your topic. Creating a link between your discussion gives you a proper outline for your dissertation writing and a better understanding opportunity for a reader.

Much use of tables

Collecting the data and putting it in the table in your dissertation is too easy, but you need to interpret the data in a way that is easy to understand for the reader. Avoid adjusting the data in tables; you should analyze and interpret it and try to include it in your discussion.

Avoid using the same title again and again

In dissertation writing, most of the students keep relying on the main title and using it again and again in their discussion. You must avoid using the title the same as you write the previous one; in order to use it in your discussion, first alternate it and then include it in your discussion. This changing or altering your title in your discussion shows that your understanding of the topic is excellent.

Not taking any help

Dissertation writing is not easy; it takes time, focus, much understanding of the topic, and a greater depth of knowledge. It is quite impossible for you to collect and understand the topic without taking any help. It would be best if you asked your advisor for help to understand the topic more deeply. Mostly, At the last stage of your degree, your advisor becomes your personal supervisor in order to complete your dissertation and thesis. So, you can ask for help understanding the topic and finding the information or data for your dissertation writing.

Avoid plagiarism

Your dissertation must be unique, accurate, and not include any content as same as it found on the internet. You must paraphrase or write your dissertation using your own words and vocabulary. In order to remove plagiarism, you can check your dissertation after its completion on the online plagiarism checker software. In addition, it would be best if you provide a list of reference materials such as publications, research papers, and a thesis from where you get the information and include it in your dissertation writing.

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Dissertation writing is full of challenges and requires attention, devotion, and critical thinking. Students can do mistakes in writing their dissertations, which results in getting their degree with low marks. The first step to avoiding mistakes while writing your dissertation is to choose a topic in your area of interest, and it must not be too broad or too narrow. Ask for help from your advisor to understand the topic more deeply and try to start early, as the dissertation requires about 6 months to complete.

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