Learn How To Make Highly Impactful Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation can glorify your brand, products, and services. Impactful whiteboard animation converts lead on social media with the use of videos. Most companies are finding ways to make effective whiteboard animations. In this guest post, we’ll reveal 10 things that you should know about improving whiteboard animation. Keep reading this article to get better results in animation.

Add The Top-Ten Powerful Ways To Make Your Animations Manifest

Here’s Your Chance to Enhance Whiteboard Animation’s Most Powerful Technique

    • Fantastic Script

    • Your whiteboard animation will not go anywhere without a solid script. With this, we have a framework to build upon, and our central point is clarified.
    • The Golden Circle is the foundation of any great script.
    • What: Illustrate the specific issue that your product addresses for the intended market.
    • How: Explain the steps you took to solve the problem and the results you got from your product.
    • Justify this claim by explaining why your product is better than the competition.
    • Put a strong call to action at the end of your script to get as many people to buy as possible.


  • Add Storytelling To Your Video Content

People need and want to hear tales. A captivating story has the power to captivate any audience. Sharing a story brings people and concepts closer together. According to a study, the odds of remembering a story are 22 times higher than those of remembering a list of facts.

The focus of your story should remain on the issue faced by your target audience rather than on the solution provided by your company. They’ll pay closer attention to it now that they have something invested in it.

There are three main components to any good story:

  • The strength of your story’s characters is the glue that holds it together.
  • The interest-generating element of any story is conflict. The character’s growth as a result of encounters with adversity is vividly depicted.
  • The resolution should inspire the audience to take some sort of positive action. The story’s motivation is revealed.
  • Third, appeal to the customer’s feelings by using the adage, “People buy due to emotions and then justify it with logic.”
  • In order to make a more profound connection with your audience, it is helpful to appeal to their emotions. The two people become closer as a result. Having a more involved audience leads to more sales.
  • Whiteboard video animation allows you to express any feeling you like, whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, etc.
  • Make Use Of Animated Characters To Engage The Audience

Create avatars that reflect your target demographic to better relate to them.

Make a buyer persona to represent your ideal customer and gain insight into their needs, pain points, and buying behaviors. By doing so, you can create cartoon characters that accurately reflect your target market.

Useful fact: A buyer persona is a fictional character who represents your ideal customer.

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  • Stick With The Tried-And-True Color Palette For The Video (Use Colors But Not Too Much)

Stick to black and white when creating a whiteboard video animation, and if you must use color, do so sparingly.

Use your brand colors in strategic places throughout the video to draw attention to your company’s name and products.

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  • A Hand That Draws

Your whiteboard animation video would be lacking without the sketching hand. The hand tells the audience to get ready for information to be passed on.

Whiteboard animation’s method of gradual exposition aids comprehension and participation. For this reason, a drawing hand is a necessary addition to any video.

  •  Grab Attention At The Beginning

Most people today have the attention span of a goldfish, somewhere between 5 and 8 seconds. Furthermore, make an impact in the first 5–10 seconds; the audience is being bombarded with information. This will make them finish the video without skipping.

  • Deliver A Concise Message

People’s attention spans are finite, so a long video will bore them. The video should be clear and not ramble on for no apparent reason.

Keep the story going without stopping to erase the whiteboard between scenes; instead, consider your video to be a network of drawings. This causes a break in continuity and is distracting from the video. Now that you’ve gotten this far into the video, you’re probably wondering what happens next. Here’s where the drawings’ web of connections comes in handy. They illustrate the link between the story and the narrative in a unique way.

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  • Constantly Narrate The Story

Knowing how our audience will perceive our words helps us communicate more effectively. So, if we read our work aloud, we can catch any choppy passages and smooth out the script.

In Conclusion

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know everything you need to make a whiteboard animation video. However, If your company’s product has technical features, whiteboard animation is the best way to get people interested in what you have to say because it simplifies complex ideas. This will further assist the target market in comprehending your product and company.

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