Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Contingency Management Approach?

When someone holds an administrative role in an organisation, the problem-solving approach is the most sought-after skill he/she must develop. Poor teamwork, being understaffed, absence of management policies, lack of communication, increasing the employee’s performance, and even time management are some of the problems that raise tons of disputes in an organisational setting. Likewise, systems theory, human relations theory, scientific management, and principles of administrative management are some management theories. But these days, people are obsessed with Contingency Management Approach. There are many reasons behind the popularity of this theory, and the article aims to highlight a few of them.

Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Contingency Management Approach?

Contingency management approach- A detailed overview:

The contingency management approach is simply a management theory that guides all managers about ways of managing all things effectively. To clear the concept, it suggests not a single theory, book, or concept can help manage all management problems. Rather, it specifically depends on the situation. The nature and complexity of a problem is the best factor hinting at the ways to cater for it. That’s why the contingency approach is also named a situational approach.

 Primary characteristics of the contingency management approach:

There are several primary characteristics that define the purpose of the contingency approach. The following are a few of them:

  • This theory has a diagnostics approach; simply, a manager must analyse the whole situation from all possible aspects before making a management strategy.
  • It believes in the non-universality of management theory. It tells us that there is no single solution to a problem; in fact, management is all about finding the best.
  • It primarily emphasises how a management practices can be improved by focusing on the major and minor factors contributing to the situation.
  • It guides managers to use problem-solving skills for solving any management-related problem. Actually, the basic concept of solving a problem is to eliminate the root cause or nullify its effects. Furthermore, not a single factor can be the cause of all problems, so management decisions are contingent upon the given situation.
  • It gives policymakers an opportunity to change their interests as per the needs of ever-changing workplace environment.
  • It pays attention to developing a good communication system to make decisions by communicating all necessary changes in the conventional systems, which are needs of the time.

Importance of contingency management approach in organisation structure:

In building an organisational structure, the contingency management approach plays a vital role. On the one hand, it helps the administration to deal with every present and upcoming situation in the best possible manner. On the other hand, it gives power to managers to keep their eyes on every raising issue in order timely manage it.

Past experiences and outcomes of the decision made previously have a great role in the contingency management approach. This is because mostly when an incident happens, the manager and administration instantly start making the whole mind story by recalling the past happenings. Later on, the decisions that seem most suitable to him are made, which have a clear reflection of a lived experience.

It teaches the management to foresee upcoming challenges. Developing strategies to uphold external or internal pressure is another benefit of the contingency management approach. Its aim is to make leaders that are habitual of taking a birds-eye view of a situation, to get rid of disagreement-related issues or to make sustainable employee retention policies. It also helps leaders develop multitasking skills to ensure success in every field.

Why does everyone like it the most?

The importance and the primary characteristics of the contingency management approach have made it clear why this theory is the most sought-after in business and management research. Additionally, it offers flexibility so one can effectively manage all management-rated issues. It helps students to use the words ‘it depends’ as a reason for solving a particular matter in a certain way. Still, it does not at all mean that it gives researchers an opportunity to make the illogical connection between the main problem and its solution.

If you are in the proposal writing phase of research handling any important business management relate issues, then you must at least think about the implementation of contingency management theory. In this way, no matter how much technical the business and management problem is, you can find the best possible solution for it. However, in case you face any problems you must feel free to seek research proposal help.

Final thoughts:

All in all, when it comes to deciding a theory for management related research problems, the student’s first choice always must remain the same, i.e., ‘the contingency management approach. There is nothing surprising about the popularity of the theory. The flexibility that allows managers to make the right decision as per need the situation is the main reason for its popularity.

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