A Helpful Guide to Hiring House Painters in Baltimore

The Health Department of Maryland recognizes mold as a severe problem in homes because they cause various health problems when present in large quantities. 

Mold formation is a major problem in Baltimore, Maryland, with homeowners often reporting its presence in their basements. It grows because of various reasons, including high humidity and damp conditions. 

Painting your home every few years is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent molding. For the best results, you should hire companies specializing in house painting baltimore and providing the best paintwork results.

But mold is not the sole reason behind having your home phttps://freshcoatpainters.com/locations/pikesvilleainted in Baltimore. Having your home’s interiors painted increases its value by almost 3,000 USD in the city, profiting you immensely when you sell it in the future.

But if you have never had your home painted or it has been a while since you last did so, these are some questions you should ask before hiring a company for your paintwork.

Which areas do they cover?

Experienced painting companies usually cover the interiors and exterior areas of a house. 

Inner areas 

Fresh paint on the interiors  benefits it in many ways, including boosting your mood, improving air quality, and enhancing its appearance. 

Some areas that professional painters usually cover are the basement, trim, ceiling, cabinet, bathroom, and kitchen. The interior services include plaster and drywall repair, popcorn ceiling removal, and refurbishing kitchen cabinets. 

Each of these services is vital in improving your home’s quality. Most homes in Baltimore experience drywall damage for various reasons, including termite damage. The city is home to Eastern Subterranean termites, which love feeding on the cellulose in the drywall’s paper.

As a resident of Baltimore, you should be concerned about its poor air quality. Although the city’s air is not as toxic as in 2005, the quality is nowhere near excellent or satisfactory. Using paints containing smart additives and nanoparticles helps in air purification by breaking down chemicals, pollutants, and pathogens. 

Even though paints alone do not kill termites, mixing them with an anti-termite treatment solution helps prevent termite attacks.

Outer Areas

Services for the outer areas include fence and deck painting and staining. Painting the fence helps to keep it in robust condition and prevents premature rotting. Most homeowners prefer having their fences painted during the summers, between May to September. 

Painting your fence regularly also helps you avoid the costs involved in reinstallation. In Baltimore, the price of a newly installed fence is between 10 USD to 32 USD per linear foot, which you can avoid by a cheaper and more effective way: painting.

Things to ask before hiring a painter

Do they offer a warranty?

It is better to hire painting companies that offer a year’s warranty on a single coat and two years warranty on double coats. 

Are they licensed?

The State of Maryland makes it compulsory for all painting contractors and subcontractors in Baltimore to have a license before undertaking a painting project, residential or otherwise. You should hire only those painters who have a valid permit or are certified contractors. 

Will they provide drop sheets?

Buying your drop cloths and furniture coverings can be expensive and inconvenient. It is better to ask the painters if they will cover your floors and furniture adequately before starting the project. 

You should hire companies experienced in house painting in Baltimore who promise the best paintwork results, have a license, and offer various options in paint colors, sheens, and textures. Having your home painted can be extremely rewarding, provided you find a good painting company. READ MORE

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