What is the CCNP certification?

CCNP is a Cisco certification that covers security and networking in IT field. It is a very significant test for those individual, willing to join the IT profession after completing their undergraduate degree. It is not an easy goal to achieve, proper planning is required to clear the exams and it is very important to choose appropriate Study guide as well. You can click for more about SPOTO CCNP certification.

Always check properly the sample tests which are good for practice the exam. If you are going online study guide then always try to get the latest version. If you have a book with general view, than take a second one which is focused learning practice, audio lectures.

Exam Description

  1. Implement Web Apps (15-20%)
  • Manage App Services plans 
  • Configure scale and resilience
  • Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics
  • Configure Web Apps
  • Deploy Web Apps
  1. Implement Virtual Machines (15-20%)
  • Monitor VMs
  • Design and implement VM storage
  • Configure VM resiliency
  • Configure VM networking
  • Perform configuration management
  • Implement images and disks
  • Deploy workloads on Azure virtual machines (VMs)
  1. Implement Cloud Services (15-20%)
  • Monitor cloud services
  • Deploy and manage cloud services
  • Configure cloud services and roles
  1. Implement Storage (15-20%)
  • Implement recovery services
  • Implement SQL databases
  • Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics
  • Manage access
  • Implement blobs and Azure files
  1. Implement an Azure Active Directory (15-20%)
  • Integrate an app with Azure AD
  • Configure the Application Access Panel
  • Integrate an Azure AD with existing directories
  1. Implement Virtual Networks (15-20%)
  • Design and implement a multi-site or hybrid network

Choose the appropriate solution between Express Route, site-to-site, point to site, select the proper gateway, identification of VPN solution, supported device, networking, configuration virtual network, multi-site network and many more.

Microsoft 70-533 exam questions

  • Modify a network configuration, Modify a subnet; import and export a network configuration
  • Configure a virtual network
  • Identify an appropriate data security solution
  • Design a role-based access control strategy
  • Describe how Azure uses Global Foundation Services (GFS) datacenters
  • Give designs of Azure virtual network, networking services, IP address, DHCP addressing, DNS address configuration.
  • Describe Azure Compute Designing  
  • Give description of the (VPN) Azure virtual private networks, design and express Rout architecture
  • Give description of the Azure service

Get Study Guide

There are numerous study guides. Attaining the best one is a difficult task and depends upon the factors how you like to study on. Learning style is not important here. Your skills are also be taken in an account, moreover that type of study guide should be chosen which is organized in authentic way and beneficial for the exams. It should be able to strengthen the week nesses of yours.

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You can get access to these additional resources. There are many aspects that have to be avoided while preparation of the exam, because your researching efforts can be destroyed if it is not prepared as per the exam’s point of view. It is very important to buy and download exam dumps. The free exam questions need to understand the important aspects that need to be included and the elements that should be avoided. Candidates can easily avail free PDF.

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